Fresh spring arrangement, collected by the ladies and myself on an evening stroll.

Keeping me up. Not mine.
BB’s sleep. I type and look at stats. Exciting early Friday a.m. fare, no?

So I got a few responses re: my genuine confusion re: Twitter and its usefulness on F*ckbook… nice!

Q: What, exactly, is the value of Twitter?

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing.
  2. If you find out let me know…
  3. Did you hear that blurb on NPR about John Ridley’s comments? He’s one of my favorites.
  4. value: zero.
  5. data mining for selective advertising or sales research. also a new comedy alternative to gay jokes.
  6. Good for the bizzzzzz. Wasn’t sure myself but it’s done so much more for me in terms of networking than FB ever has and in a much shorter time period.
  7. the image i get in my mind of little birdie wings, when i hear, say or read the word…
  8. just for the record, I do not endorse or condone twitter, twittering, tweeting, twiting or twits.
  9. mini blogs, for those who can’t bear to write more than a a sentence. Also, a nifty way to bring informational background noise to a 200 db roar.
  10. i love twitter and am completely baffled by all the twitter-hate.
  11. I just hate the name…

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