Grouchy Couchy

If you were a twee, what kind of twee would you be?
If you were a twee, what kind of twee would you be?

Aaaaah. Sick again. On the couch, waiting for the nighttime cough medicine to kick in. Unfortunately it is not my fave narcotic cough medicine. The last two doses were used to quell my most recent cough. I miss it. If this misery turns into something more serious than it is, maybe I’ll give my doc a call and try to hook up some more. I don’t want to wear out my welcome with the stuff, tho. Must suffer a bit before jumping back in to mother’s little helper in a small, pink bottle. I can’t take it when I’m not sick, but when I am sick, boy oh boy does it make everything just a little easier. Narcotics were put on this earth for a reason, to help me and my hacking cough make it through yet another winter.

Last night I offered to change the cat litter and clean up the basement a little, which is what either my husband or I do every Sunday night. The other option was to help the girls finish dinner, clean up and all the crap that happens before bedtime. I chose litter for the sole reason that all I ever do is feed and clean up after my sweet darlinks. The idea of cleaning out the cat boxes, vaccuuming up loose litter and whatnot was more appealing to me, I think because I could be by myself for twenty minutes. What a sad state of affairs.

Took the girls to a sing-along at a local bookstore this morning, despite my cold. I had to get out of the house and so did they. It went well and everyone was tired when we returned home. Naps were taken (1-4:15!) and I even managed to feel so crappy that I put my own head to pillow, which I only do during the day if I’m sick. Probably got a half hour of sleep. It is now 11:20 pm and I will once again hit the horizontal. Cough drops, tea, water at the ready. Let’s all sleep, all night long.


  1. So, so sorry you’re sick. Were sick. Glad you’re better. Really.

    And that image of the trees in water–I must have a print. We’ll talk offline. We’ll get you inspired to make cakey with printmaking money.

    I am moved by that picture.

    Mmmm. Paint it, too. Then we’re really talking.

    Most of our comments are on your life, your stories, your girls. Methinks we need to write more comments on your art.

    To nice art lady: nice art, lady.

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