Magical Mimi

Mimi, on her favorite McDonald's colored swing at the playground.
Mimi, on her favorite McDonald's colored swing at the playground.

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my youngest daughter (by six minutes), Mimi. She had a helluva day. Real moxie, this one. She is fast, loud, delicate, flexible. Since Beenie has recently become obsessed with “ballerinos”, Mimi has taken to doing “bayay” moves spontaneously throughout the house, throughout the day. She holds onto furniture and lifts her leg in solidarity to her older sister, who is usually sitting in front of someone’s computer, demanding that it is “ballerino time”, time to turn on YouTube to watch myriad ballerinas dancing. But I digress.

Mimi is unlike anyone I have ever met, yet is familiar. Her fantastic sense of humor — OUTRAGEOUS sense of humor reminds of my late and fantastic Grandmother. Her teeth remind me of Nana, too. Mimi is kind, loves to give kisses and hugs, squeeze your cheeks and say, in her strange interperetation of the English language, how sweet your cheeks are. She is obsessed with yogurt and eating in general, Goodnight Moon, her sister, her mama, her dada, and Slinky and Olive the cats.

mimi2Mimi is confident in public. She walks up to the nearest sucker and smiles a huge, joker-like smile, and suddenly people are giving her things. I witnessed the power of this small child this past summer while on vacation at the beach. Strangers gave her things like cheese and turkey (from the nice lady at the deli counter at the grocery store, who witnessed Mimi’s blood sugar drop), small rubber balls to throw around from two other nice ladies on the actual beach. Mimi was trolling around looking at other beach-goers snacks and I think people felt compelled to give her something. She is hard to resist.

Her artwork is breathtaking, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter. There is really something special in that crazy cute head. She makes me laugh every day. Every single day since she stopped crying for four months straight when she arrived. It was all food related, her misery. Now I just keep her belly full and we are all happy. Thank you, Mimi, for being here and being so freaking, unbelieveably cool. I am the luckiest mother in the world.


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