Monday, Labor Day here in Charm City, revealed something I’d always wondered about. A trip to the playground confirmed it. DILFs. I’m not going to bother revealing the meaning of DILF, but if you have heard the term “MILF”, you can figure it out. Google it. I’m certain there is a plethora of information out in interweb world on MILFs and DILFs.

Back to my original thought… the dads were out. Labor day brought them out in spades. A whole mess of ’em. And honestly, they were lookin’ pretty good, for dads. Granted, the moms usually always look hot, but the unexpectedness of dads emerging at the playground was something else. Usually on any weekday when we trapse up to Linkwood playground, it is moms, babysitters or nannies chapperoning the little kiddies. Have you seen the movie “Little Children”? Kate Winslett plays a really unhappy/unsatisfied hausfrau with a PhD in something scientific who ‘relates’ to (in more ways than one) a housefrau dad, in a somewhat similar predicament. Powerless caregivers. It is an epidemic. A great deal of self-worth disappears when someone stays home with a child/children instead of working and putting them in daycare. For me it did, at least. I barely earn any money to contribute to the household, which is more expensive to run than it was just a year ago. Sure, I’m glad that I can be home with the girls these early years. It is just that many people look at me and don’t think I do much during the day. I actually had someone ask me what I do, and when I responded I’m staying home with my two year old twin daughters their gaze went to my husband and he was then asked what he did. Then the conversation continued like I had never said anything. I bet I did that to stay at home moms in my past. I think that unless someone is actually doing the full-time parenting thing, there is no way to understand what this life is like. Its joys along with its very real trials and depressions. And that goes for parents of singletons, multiples, working, staying home, all of it. You don’t know until you know, you know?

Back to the DILFs. They were wearing shorts, baseball caps, light colors (with the exception of one particularly good looking DILF). They had kind smiles on their faces as they pushed their children in the swings, or helped them on and off the various bouncy things scattered about the playground. They let things happen and then comforted the little people when the slide didn’t go well or they tripped up the stairs to the jungle gym. Seeing them out with their kids made me happy but also sad, since it was the first time in months I’d ever seen such a display en masse. Dads with their small children on their day off. Everyone needs more days off.


  1. “It is an epidemic. A great deal of self-worth disappears when someone stays home with a child/children instead of working and putting them in daycare. For me it did, at least.”

    A-freaking-men. Ditto the bit about you have to do it to know. And the bit about more days off.

    But seriously, how sexy is a guy who actually plays with his kids at the playground. Not those jerks who read the paper and can’t be bothered to even watch, let alone join in. I’m talking the guys making their own sand castles and letting small ones stomp them, who go down the slide with instead of just bellowing from the bottom. Those dads (and uncles and friends and mannies) who join in are irresistably yummy.

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