Maryland State Fair

Gayle and Alexander and me and the ladies went up to Timonium, MD, just outside Baltimore City, to the Maryland State Fairgrounds for this year’s state fair. It was kind of a last minute decision, questionable in a way, since it has been raining all day, and since yesterday I was in the beginning throes of a nasty cold. But thanks to Airborne (I swear it zapped that nasty swollen gland, scratchy, sore, dry throat), dare I say it seems to have passed… Anyhoo, things were fixin’ to get cranky if we didn’t do something entertaining this morning, and that’s where AlexanderDander and Gayle were headed, so we invited ourselves along.

There were lots of farm animals. We could have touched them if we really wanted to. Mimi really wanted to. But these animals were also pooing and peeing openly, all over the place, so I thought better and we kept a short distance. Still, we were closer to them when we get to be at the zoo. Ducks, chickens, llamas, pigs, chicks, horsies — you name it, they were there. Bunnies, too, or “hop-hop” as both girls refer to them as. I loved the fair.

The girls got their first tastes of lamb today. Lamb meatballs, pit lamb on rye bread, lamb gyro. For dessert we shared a peach dumpling. You know that was good. Mimi and Beenie both enjoyed the food, though Beenie was getting tired and just wanted a nap and baba. I know that feeling. Can’t really blame her. We got home and did just that. They did, at least. The bottle part. I’m not sure how well they’re sleeping. I keep hearing little cries and chatter. Maybe they are having lamb dreams from eating so much of it. I was hoping they might sleep till 4:30 or so, but feel like that may not happen today.

I should clean the bathroom I suppose, though can’t quite make it off the couch. Will search for a photo to for this post and make some coffee. Maybe take another Airborne. Exciting stuff, eh?

P.S. I’d like to dedicate today and pretty much every other day to my friend of 26 years, Alix Stewart Lambert. Just because I love her and think she’s the bestest. Kisses to you my Lixi.

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