One Step Forward…

…One million steps back…

Yeah, they are sleeping. Yeah I gave them bottles. Yes, also over this past weekend for naptime. And yes, still for bedtime. It isn’t them, it’s me. This is clear.

I think I’ve had writer’s block for the month of June. I’m just feeling totally uninspired all the time about most things. Except for painting, but I have spent maybe a total of 1/2 hour the whole month doing that. Nighttime, rather than digesting dinner in front of the TV, I should be down in the dingy basement, next to the cat litter boxes, inhaling turpentine, painting with paint. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

The girls sometimes utter strings of words, quietly, English words. But you’re not sure they’re really saying them, so you go back to check and its as if they never said anything coherent. What a curious time in the young humans development. Their minds are way ahead of their speech, but it’s in there, nonetheless. Waiting. Waiting to pounce and tell us what they really think. After almost two years yelling the all-encompassing word “DA-DA”, both Mimi (especially Mimi) and Sweet Beenie are saying Mama and Mommie. Weird. I wonder if it is in reference to me or if it is the new multi-use word replacing Dada. No matter. I’ll take what I can get.

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