Mystery Digital Ghosts

My seven year old camera, a Canon Power S230 Digital Elph, has become possessed. It is now taking images that have elements of the paranormal. It all started after I uttered the words “I wanna get a new camera”. I’ve had this happen before, to a slightly lesser extent. A few years back I performed a similar incantation, referring to the washing machine we have in our basement. “I want one of those front loading machines”, I said. Suddenly, the one we had ceased to work. Though in the spirit of full disclosure, my husband did repair it, so it’s still in our basement, washing away untold tons of avocado, egg and macaroni debris.

The camera, however, does seem to have become useless as a good tool for documenting my daughters’ childhoods, unless I was interested in remembering them as little zombies. So the search begins. I will hold onto the camera morte as a muse. The images are strange and televisiony.

melting icecapped cat, self portrait

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