My Cough Medicine is Almost Gone

It’s sad, really. The narcotic cough medicine I got for a nasty hack back in June 2007, and have used for my current cough for about 4 days now, is dwindling. I’d say I’m down to two, but more likely just one precious dose. It only takes a teaspoon. Such a small amount of goo for such relaxing relief. At least it was relaxing a few days back. I’m starting to suspect that my dopamine receptors (I’m totally pulling this theory and the terminology out of my arse) are starting to get used to the oozy happiness and now I’m not really feeling the stuff so much. Which sucks. This past Saturday the girls were hell bent for howling, and it did not bother me. Maybe I should be taking cough medicine every day…

I guess if I were getting addicted to the stuff, I’d probably have already sucked my little amber colored prescription bottle dry. It’s only good if you’re good and miserable. Then it just helps you feel human, a relaxed human. I should probably use up the rest tonight when I go to sleep. Goodbye almond shaded smooth cough medicine. You’ll be missed.

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