Not much separates my sleeping self from my waking self in terms of appearance. When you don’t have to leave the house for days at a time (at least in the freezing winter months) it can be difficult to motivate ones’ self to look any particular way at all. For example, I don’t believe I’ve even looked at my own reflection in the mirror yet today, and it’s 1:06 p.m. If I had a job in an office somewhere I’d at least do a spot check to make sure any unsightly hairs hadn’t poked through during sleep or to monitor skin dryness or hair unruliness.

There are a few things I do every day to help define day from night, playtime from nighty-night time, being inside the house and outside the house.

  1. Dress the girls. Every day when they wake up I go into their room and change them out of their jammies and into pants and shirts. This signifies to them and me that we’ve started the day.
  2. Dress myself. Clean underwear. No matter if I’m wearing the same shirt I slept in or if I’m in the same pants as the day before. Clean undies, clean socks.
  3. Put on a bra. Me wearing a bra means I am out of bed. I can take a nap wearing a bra, but the bra stays on until dinnertime usually. Once A&B have gone down for the evening and I’m planted on the couch with my husband, eating dinner and watching telly, lounge time has officially begun, and bratime is over.
  4. If I am doing something in the evening or if my parents are watching the girls during the day as they sometimes do, I apply lipstick once I am seated in the car. Put on lipstick, slip back into being a part of the larger population of people outside my house. Not a mama, but just another person. With Peony Pink on her lips.

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