Exorcise thee, oh canon!


Or don’t.
I made a new section to house all of the scary pictures my camera is now capturing. There’s a link to it called “Camera Morte” at the top of the page next to “About Me” if you’re curious…

Above are two images from this evening where the CM was presenting normal looking images upon review. The only thing I can see from the outside of the camera is the LED screen on the back where you would usually be looking to focus and compose the picture no longer works. Though if you do press certain buttons it will tell you if the flash is activated, or if the macro setting is on.

Behold, a few remnants from this evening’s lentil, pea and macaroni dinner with a nice peach soy yogurt and chopped peaches for dessert. Maybe a little out of focus, but you wouldn’t necessarily know the camera that took these pictures was possessed.

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