Why I hate homework


Why I hate homework, or, yet another reason I’m a bad parent. Let me rephrase… why I hate homework for FIRST GRADERS.

Maybe I wouldn’t hate it if there were more than two hours betwixt when we arrive home from school/work and when we begin the march upstairs for baths, teeth, reading and bed. But two hours is what we’ve got, and I’ve got two children.

All young children are left behind when, at the end of an eight hour day, they are expected to continue working. I didn’t say learning, by the way, because you never stop learning. But nothing, and I mean NOTHING is learned during this death march, end of day work. I’d rather they help an old lady, aka me, out with some endless chores at the end of the day than do busy work.

Which is why, moving forward, I’ve decided to let our two cats oversee my daughters and their homework.

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  1. Homework stinks. Homework that says, “caregivers, engage your young children in thoughts and ideas and words and images and exploration” is fine. Homework that says, “complete this sheet and use proper punctuation” is the reason people say they hate school.
    Cats and kids can decide just fine by themselves what’s the what of homework.

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