Five minutes of lust

No, not really, but I am doing a test to see if the slightly sleazy blog titles still get the attention they once did. “Hot MILFs Taking Spaces” is still the most searched for 20/20 post, other than the most popular “Oh my…” post, of course!

Day ten of my hiatus. The studio calls and I must answer, while my darlings are away learning their lessons at school, the very same lessons they learned last year in pre-K. I am considering enrolling myself in kindergarten next year. Do you think anyone would be opposed to the idea? I could get down with some snacks, endless birthday swaree invites, art, P.E., music, library and technology, school lunch pizza… maybe I could really learn math this time around. This seems better and better to me every time I think about it.

Also, I wouldn’t have to suffer the same indignities all the other little peeps have to suffer, because that damage has already been done! Plus, I’m bigger than each and every one of ’em. Maybe I could be the bully for once.

Ten minutes of lust have been wasted. Now it is time to go.

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  1. I think that adding a comment will up the stats and search engine results. So here is a comment to your lust post. You already have my hot milf comment, which is probably why it’s such a darned popular post.

    Glad you’re getting into the studio during your hiatus. Hope you’re all cartographically inspired.

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