Holy Crap!

(this is my silver fox, nice parking job, eh?)

Wow. I could not have predicted the events of today.

Around 10 a.m. I had the passing thought that I couldn’t take another day cooped up in the house with the girls. I looked at the clock, noted to myself this thought, then continued playing with Beenie and Mimi, cleaned up their breakfast mess… you know, the usual morning events. I looked up at the clock again around 10:45, again had the thought we should do something today, then called my parents, who live about an hour south of Baltimore in a Washington, DC suburb. “Did you guys eat lunch yet?” I asked my mom. No, she replied. “How about we drive down and have lunch with you guys?” And that was that. I packed up some diapers, juice boxes, put socks, shoes and sweaters and jackets on the girls. A half hour after the second thought, we were in my 2001 Honda Civic, driving down I-95 south.

About a half hour into the hour long drive, there was a loud pop in the engine and my car lost considerable power. Suddenly I went from 70-ish mph to about 50. Quickly I got over to the right lane, put on my blinkers and called my parents, letting them know something bad happened to the car and that I would still try to make it to their house. And somehow, I did.

The transmission on my 2001 Honda Civic is FUCKED. It’s only got about 54K miles on it for chrissakes! Is that normal? You know how much this shits is gonna cost? PROBABLY AROUND THREE GRAND. WTF indeed!

So much for an impromptu outing, eh? That’ll learn me from leaving the house again.

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