Gr8 day for an earthquake!

The best thing about yesterday’s earthquake, in addition to the fact that nobody was hurt and nothing seems to have been destroyed, is that I got to haul ass out of the basement of a huge, stone building, emerging into the fantastic early autumnal sunlight of the afternoon. It wasn’t cold or too hot, pissing rain or icing, just cool and clear. Everyone got a break from fluorescence and became fragile humans, not just heads, for a whole hour in the sunshine. Well done, quakey!

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  1. Mmmmm. Earthquake breaks. Just as delicious as Seattle’s sunshine breaks. Someone gets word that the sun has peeked through and the apes go wild, everyone abandoning projects to bask.

    Glad your face saw the sun for a while. Sorry they didn’t just have the rest of the day outside. Did your teachers ever do that on nice days? In high school I remember a few classes of that. Delicious.

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