I know it’s late, I know you’re weary. I know your plans don’t include me.

We’ve got tonight. Who needs tomorrow?

I’m about to nod off from the busy day. But something was nagging at me to check in here at 20/20. Not sure what. Just to say hey, turn out the lights… Okay, okay… I’ll stop with the Kris Kristofferson song. Is it KK? I have absolutely no idea why the song is playing suddenly in my head. I have many unexplained songs going through my head at any given time. Why shouldn’t it be this one?

Today was packed, as most every day of late has been packed. I’m about to write something I never, ever, in my life previous to this moment, thought I’d ever write or come close to thinking… “I saw a Catholic school this morning I’m super psyched about…”, “I’m dying to send the girls to this Catholic school for pre-K next year, and would also love them to do Kindergarten there, too.” No, I haven’t converted (or, in my case, re-visited) Catholicism, but living in a city where the public schools leave much to be desired, it is an almost affordable option for the one year we have left for the girls before they start Kindergarten in public school that is free, assuming we are indeed able to move into the right school district in Baltimore county this coming spring. The clincher, other than a nice building, pleasant (if somewhat cultish) administrators, students and parents, is the fact that this particular Catholic school is starting a Montessori program starting next year for preK and Kindergarten classes. And I don’t know a ton about Montessori education, but I know enough to know it is play and sense-based learning, and for at least one of my daughters, this would really make a big difference between her being tortured in her early education vs. LOVING it. The other daughter can handle the way-too-early introduction of stupid worksheets and writing and almost reading for just turned four year olds, so she’s probably going to enjoy anything as long as she can continue her books and letters and drawings. I’ll just have to undo a little bit of brainwashing at the end of each day, if any freaky religious stuff sneaks into their education. Or not. I grew up Catholic, and actually believe it turned me into the thinking, questioning person I am today. Despite a complete lack of being Christian or Catholic as an adult, I still have respect for other people’s religions, as long as they’re not trying to shove their beliefs down my throat. I’m more of a Sunday morning NYtimes reader than a church goer. But as my old pal Arika likes to say, “whatever gets you through the night”. Live and let live.

The mad job hunt continues. I have yet another interview Friday morning and a different interview Tuesday, both in person. Eventually, someone will HAVE to hire me. And thanks,  job #4, for following up with me and scheduling a meeting time. Maybe we can make beautiful paychecks together.


p.s. the cinnamon rolls turned out great, but were inhaled too quickly to photograph post bake. Will have to make another batch.


  1. Woke up this morning and said, “I wonder how the job search is.”

    The school sounds like a great opportunity. I was raised by lapsed Catholics, and Catholic school made me HARDCORE for two years (wanted to be a nun) and then the process of actually examining the faith went to questioning went to critical thinking went to total rejection of religion.

    If it feels right, do it. Unindoctrinating isn’t too hard, and the Catholics have a long history of educating, courtesy of the Jesuits, so they do a damned fine job of it.

    See what style of Montessori they’re gonna rock. It if helps less-academic daughter, then rock it, sister.

    Bueno suerte with the jobby job and the move to the hoodie hood. Stars, align! Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of pre-K!

  2. As a girl who loved worksheets and schoolwork, I wish you’d stop referring to them as stupid. Maybe this is not the kind of thing you liked or M. likes, but S. does and it’s important that your disdain not interfere with that. You may not think she knows you feel this way, but she does.

    Four may be too early for some but it’s not too early for all. The thrill of my little life was to hold a skinny pencil and write “Aa Aa Aa apple apple apple” and I was the same age as Ms. S.

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