Beware — shitstorm ahead!

Why? Why? Mimi, my current terrible two, called out to me a few minutes ago from her room… Mine have big poop! She had climbed out of her crib, taken off her diaper and smeared SHIT on the floor and the rug and two blankets and all over herself. Naptime began around 2pm and I just got them quiet in their room after the big clean up, an hour and fifteen minutes later. And I haven’t even had any coffee yet today. That should be remedied soon, before it’s cocktail hour. Not that I can indulge much in alcohol these days, but the thought still can get me through a tough morning and afternoon. Sigh.

The shades are pulled down around the house. Darkness feels good on my skin. The sun is quite burny today. Took girls with me to the gym and Mimi was unable to let me leave the daycare room for over an hour. Even though the girls’ friend Laynie-bear was there. I just sat around, hung out with a bunch of kids — NOT the reason I wanted to go the gym to begin with. Beenie was quite amused and enjoyed the little kiddie area. Eventually, pal Lynn (Laynie-bear’s mama) finished up her workout and came in to distract Mimi and Beenie for a bit while I got out and did ten minutes on the elliptical machine then the rowing machine for another ten minutes. I’ll take what I can get. I am trying to think of this summer experience with a childcare situation at the gym as a warm-up for the fall’s preschool schedule. Only two and a half more months. YEAH! A light shining for all of us in September.

There’s a state of Maryland arts grant deadline coming up in a month. I’m contemplating applying for it, though I know rejection is inevitable. Still, it is free, and I have been working on paintings. I don’t want to waste my energies, but could really use some cash moolah if I were to get one of the grants. Hope springs eternal, no?


  1. i am telling you this from personal experience. keep applying for grants and sooner or later someone will give you money. do you ever have anyone else look over your application before you submit it? might be good to get some feedback. send it to me if you like.

  2. Yes to applying for art grants.
    Nooooooooooo to smearing crap all over. No. Firm no. Absolutely no.
    Yes to preschool. No…did I already say this? NO to shit smearing.

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