OMG! Angelina Ballerina is such a BRAT!

Should my girls really be watching this garbage? My parents got two Angelina DVD’s at a thrift store and Beenie especially is obsessed with the complicated and stupid and bratty ballerina. It is important to watch this stuff with your kids to explain when the character’s behavior is completely unacceptable. “I’m the most horrible mouseling that ever lived…” That’s right, Angelina. You are horrible and selfish and BRATTY. Maybe you should consider walking into a mousetrap or nibbling some tasty poisioned pellets. These DVD’s are going to strangely dissappear from the house once I figure out something nice for my daughters to view. Where’s my Maisy Mouse when I need her?


  1. We haven’t seen that one, but I, too, am glad I always watch with the kid, because those televised creatures say the most terrible things! Brat? check. Selfish? Check. Mean to others? Check. Maisy, come back. Kipper, where are you? Charlie! Lola! Help us!

    (Even those need explanations, even just of new concepts, but sometimes of behavior that is and isn’t okay.)

  2. whatever happened to sesame street? the muppets? fragglerock? 3-2-1 contact? the electric company?!?!?

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