4 a.m. hack-up call

This is where I write that I had to come down to “sleep” on the couch at 4 this morning because of the post nasal drip in my throat that was making me cough. This is where I complain about not getting enough sleep last night and how my left ear is plugged up and none of this would have been the case if I’d taken what’s left of my special cough medicine last night before retiring. This is where my headache travels from one side of my head to the other. This is where I type that I have to pee, which is frustrating since I feel as if I just did.

Chorus: I’m so sick of being sick!
It’s February. Get used to it!

Old pal bumped into Robert Plant at LAX this past week. I wonder what rock god I’ll be bumping into in Baltimore…I suppose I would have to leave the house if that were to happen, eh? And, are there any rock gods roaming the streets of Charm City?

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