Oh, I am so very, very sick of being sick.

Not only me, but I have infected my darling daughters. And as I may have mentioned in the past, the only thing worse than being sick myself, is being sick and having them sick, because regardless, I still have to take care of them. Then, who takes care of me? Hubbo is at work all day, and then he has to sleep at night so he can go back to work the next day and have his wits about him… the man is an architect, and apparently with that type of work you actually have to be able to focus and be attentive, unlike many of my jobs in the past. But I’m not an architect and I don’t aspire to be one. I just want to get my MFA and get on with my life. Shit, if I can just get through the next few days till this damned cold is gone, I’ll be happy.

What is it? What did I do this time to let my immune guard down? Not wash my hands enough? Breathe in a nasty spore? What?! Is the whole freaking winter going to be like this? Maybe I need to rethink the whole “we’re not staying in the house all winter” rant I’ve been ranting for months now, as the days darken earlier and earlier and outdoor time is reduced to running from house to car. Perhaps we will stay in the house all winter, like little bears. I’ll teach the girls to watch TV and we can all become big, fat, stupid lumps. Lumps with no colds. Healthy lumps. But fat, because we’ll just lie around eating all day as we flip channels.

What is it with you damned germs? It’s only November, for goodness sake and we’re already on cold #2! I don’t know if I can do this all freaking winter.

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