pumpkinvineIt happened, didn’t it? It isn’t some kind of cruel joke, is it? The actual real right thing happened in the United States yesterday. I know I said I couldn’t stop crying at the thought of Barack Obama losing the election, but the reality is that now that it has happened my peepers are like faucets! I think about all of the African people who were brought to the U.S. as slaves and whose children lived in slavery for hundreds of years and their descendants, and the brutality and discrimination that followed slavery. All children in the U.S. are going to grow up looking at who is living in the White House and see a smart person who has more than his own self-interest in his heart and mind when making decisions having to do with our country. Barack Obama will be all Beenie and Mimi will know in terms of what a president is. At least until they get older and find out that it was all a bunch of old, white men until 2009. But for the girls he will not be the exception, he will be the rule. Something large and incredible happened to make this the case. I’m humbled to be alive when this moment occurred. I have never felt proud to be a part of this country until right now.

His presidency could not be nearly as important as his election to office. Good luck Obama’s and all of us. YEAH!

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