Business Trip

4Horseshoes Studio, Baltimore, MD

I just spent way too much time looking through the information superhighway. Geez! What a time suck. It felt good, tho. I have been away from my little laptop all day, and now here we meet again. Was able to write a post for my food blog after 15 days due to time and computer constraints. And honestly, sometimes I just don’t feel that blog, you know? I love writing, and I’m glad to have the opportunity and experience of writing for a larger-type site, but sometimes I’m just sick of thinking about food. Alls I do is think about food for Mimi and Beenie since their food intake is kind of my responsibility. I do a pretty good job, though this evening I gave them each a very small bag of potato chips to gnaw on while I ran upstairs to take a shower. I figured it would keep them occupied for about 20 minutes while my parents hung out with them. I was right. Mmmmm…. chips….how can a little bag of natural, salty, oily, potatoey chips be a bad thing?

It is just about 12:30 a.m. October 30th. I can’t believe this month is almost over. Again. I say that at the end of every month. But I can’t. Tonight I’m sleeping with my old pal, COUCH. Husband’s early morning meeting day is tomorrow starting at 7 a.m., and I like to take this opportunity to have a little alone time (and waste it looking at my computer), stay up late, have a nightcap or something, and empty small areas of my brain. I have described it in the past as a free, still in my house, business trip. I am happy to be on this business trip now.

Today went at a clip. Parents up for about 7 hours to hang with the ladies, which meant I left the house as I usually do when they come. Not because I don’t like my parents because I do, in fact, I love them, but them watching my children provides me with something that is essential to my mental health — time away from my children. Whom I adore and devote every other waking and sleeping moment to, except for the moments when Granny and Baba come to babysit. It is a win-win situation. They get qt with granddaughters and I get qt with li’l ol’ me. Me me me. It is all about me…

It is so not all about me. It is about everyone BUT me. And don’t you forget it. Despite this fact, I managed to visit with a good friend, also a mother of (fraternal, male/female) twins, who is an Art Conservator at a museum here in Baltimore. Went to lunch at a nearby Indian buffet with two of her colleagues at said museum. Then I went to an art supply store and got some dark graphite pencils, a sharpner, an eraser and a cheap pad of drawing paper and headed over to 4HORSESHOES (my painting studio located in Esha’s garage). I spent about an hour making marks of some kind or another and worked on the Cheeseburger Landscape painting for a dear friend. Not bad for a measly hour in the studio. I need so much more time focused on art, but am still grateful for what I squeezed out today. Then I did a quick grocery store run (time to empty out the bank account) and ran home to shower and say bye-bye to my parents and make a little dinner. Which came out well, I thought.

Aren’t you tired? I sure am, but it is almost 1 in the a.m., so I should be VERY tired considering the fact that Beenie woke me up twice last night. Sometimes sleep deprivation is what is necessary, tho. Or not. Nighty-night.

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  1. your studio looks awesome — i’m jealous! love the handcrafted table. you’ll get it (life, art, etc) back soon.

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