I have a small shred of hope that tomorrow my laptop will come home. I have so much to tell you. This time away has be revelatory and torturous. As are most days. Also I will have my recovered images back, which is how I decide what to write on occasion. Pictures are so very important. The biggest themes, in a nut shell, are:

  1. beginnings of potty training TWO two year olds (I am exhausted just writing this)
  2. getting over almost a week and a half of snotty noses and coughs and headaches
  3. day care research
  4. cleaning out and setting up my painting studio (named from here on out, Four Horseshoes Studio)
  5. real, intense shit
  6. groceries making up the majority of our spending every month
  7. Mad Men

There’s always more, but it is all I can muster with an aching left sinus. I will now search for my Mucinex dose and envision a world where I am on the couch, downloading all the images from my camera so I can take more pictures, sipping a beer, looking forward to doing something, anything with someone else/other people when my family is off snot quarantine. Me and the girls haven’t even been to the playground since last week when Mimi was the first to contract whatever mild and annoying scourge is out there. As a result they haven’t really been sleeping well. They need to run around and get their ya-ya’s out. Maybe this afternoon if the clear mucous streams wane from their perfect little noses. Until tomorrow, readers.

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