Is this real?

Is Barack Obama really almost president of this country? Is it possible? I believe my daughters’ birth has something to do with this amazing possibility. When I was pregnant, going through some of the typical, annoying prenatal testing, I had a woman come up to me to chat. We both had to drink some super sweet orange soda/glucose stuff to test how our bodies reacted. She was not pregnant, but had to drink the same thing. We were chatting… she worked at the National Museum of Dentistry here in Baltimore. She said that children are good luck. Which was why we shouldn’t worry about money and other things that people with children worry about. There is luck that arrives when you have a baby, or babies. I think she was right. Despite the extreme amount of hard work that has emerged in my daily life since the girls were born, I really do believe my husband and I have better luck. Which is good, because you need really good luck when raising small peeps. They do everything in their power to injure themselves and create havoc everywhere they go.

Though I’m excited about Barack and Joe as Prez and VP, I could do without the ubiquitous theme music that is present, and will continue to be present at future public events. I believe U2 and Bruce Springsteen were blasting at today’s public announcement of Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency. Or possible Vice Presidency. It’s just so freakin’ cheesy. And you know it will be worse at the Democratic convention next week. Oh how I hate the tedium leading up to all this political mumbo jumbo. They had my vote a long time ago, sans soundtrack.


  1. I can’t believe how small the world is. Your excellent blog lists the Museum of Dentistry. I’m dating a dentist!! I can’t wait to go see the place. A gift shop? There are more people like me out there.
    Nice blog.

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