Goodbye ’till September, Slothful Living…

Working out. Yuck. I like exercising when a useful task is being completed. For instance, helping a friend/loved one move. As long as the movee is properly thankful for your help, it is a pleasure, and lifting, climbing and moving have real meaning. I also enjoy taking the girls for a stroll — harder work than you might think, considering their combined weight right around 60 lbs., not to mention the 15-20 lb. stroller. Pushing 80 ish pounds up the alleys, down the streets and sidewalks is a decent workout with a purpose. Fresh air, dog and squirrel sightings, flowers, other humans.

So, I joined a local gym the other day. They are having a $99/three month summer special membership, so I figured I could at least get some yoga and pilates classes in until the end of August, plus maybe some regular working out stuff, though I kind of hate it. I need to strengthen my “core” muscles. I know my back would feel better if my stomach muscles were stronger. Carrying around two humans in your gut stretches out the abdominal muscles a bit. What do I have to lose, really, except some flab perhaps for $33 a month? Plus, when I get bored at the end of three months, as I usually do, I won’t have to feel bad about not going if my temporary membership just disappears. Sounds like a win-win situation.

It is Memorial Day here in America. I hope our horrible war in Iraq ends soon. There is no winning.

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