Shoes and Shoes

mimifeet.jpgMy brother said he read my blog recently and thought it was sad and something else, which I can now not remember. Is it really sad? I’m not so saddened by it. In fact, I think it has lots of hope. Not every day is wonderful, but really, how many people have every day be great? I don’t know too many who do. If I can get the kids to take a nap, eat most of the food I give them, take them outside or to a friends house to run amok, then I think it’s a good day. You can’t do much better than that. Have I just lowered my expectations? No, I’ve definitely refined them, but I wouldn’t say I’ve lowered them. They’re just different than they used to be. I actually feel pretty good about the daily jottings down of the life of a mama with twins. Gives me a small, attainable goal to complete every day. If I’ve put up a post — even better with some photos — the world is my erster.

My mom, dad and I hauled ass up to Towson (a close Baltimore City suburb), girls in tow, to get their feet measured for proper fitting shoes. A friend and I were joking on the avenues we travel to attain shoes for our children. I was saying that I go to someplace like Target or Marshalls, some kind of discounty place, get a few shoes that look like they might fit the girls, and throw caution to the wind. She said that she’s worse, and just waits till someone she knows passes on shoes from their kids to her, and sees if anything fits. For some reason my mom was obsessed with getting their little paws measured properly, with one of those weirdo shoe measuring devices. So we went to Stride Rite. They had some ok shoes, but I gotta say that I barely spend the amount of money for my own dang feets that they were asking for kid shoes at that place. Can you imagine spending $56 for a pair of teenie little shoes that will be obsolete in a few months? I cannot. Luckily today was mom’s treat– otherwise it would not have happened. Thank god for grandmothers, eh?

We did not leave empty handed. Two pairs of girly shoes that turn out to be water shoes (shoes worn in the water…) but look nice enough to be good summery shoes, covered with pink flowers and such, and a good, sturdy pair of black leather mary jane type shoes. Not shiny but matte. I think Beenie’s very wide, hard to fit feet will benefit from this purchase, plus they were on sale.

beeniefeet.jpgMimi and Beenie were very good in the store. Today was their first visit to a mall. They’ve been alive for an entire year and a half and had never set foot or stroller wheel inside one of Americas mainstays before today. I’m sure it is because I’m alone with them most of the time that I never took them to a mall. That and the fact that I don’t enjoy being in malls, and for that matter, shopping in general. It’s a little more fun if it is for them, but I see the future, and it involves their father rather than me schlepping them on shopping sprees. Not my world. Too bad my husband is a sucker for girly fashions for his daughters. I would have no problem saying no to the incessant teenage requests for more frocks. I don’t care what so-and-so is wearing. My parents didn’t have much money when I was growing up, so we wore lots of second-hand clothing. They probably won’t even have to do that, what with new clothes costing what used clothes used to cost back in the day. China makes, the world takes.

I was robbed of precious hours of sleep this morning by the brutally teething Beenie. She was inconsolable starting at around 6 a.m. Which means, I slept from 12 a.m.-4 a.m., when they requested a bottle and diaper change, then slept for another hour and a half until the howling began. That makes a generous estimate at around five and a half hours of sleep. Not quite enough to keep a person sane. I will now pack it up and post this. Nighty-night.

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