tall_cats.jpgA reader/co-blogger/artist (see link to Patterntology on right) was curious what camera I use to take photos for this blog. I think I may have mentioned it somewhere before, but considering my short-term memory and memory in general, who the hell knows where it is. I use a Canon PowerShot S320 Digital ELPH. 3.2 megapixels of pure pow-ah! I bought it in 2001, just after 9/11 hit, right as all the people working in the interactive department of the ad agency I was employed at were being laid-off. I figured I’d better get a digital camera (my first digital still camera so far) and any other fancy electronic stuff before the world came to an end or I was laid off, whichever came first. I am a firm believer in noticing harbingers the forces in the universe send us. Everyone around you suddenly packing up their desks and leaving? Buy a camera. All interweb work slowing down to a stand-still? Take a two week trip with your vacation time. You may not have a job soon so it’s time to live it up. Ironically and despite my best efforts, I never did manage to get laid-off. I was almost the last person standing in terms of web production peeps. I think the combination of being fairly reliable and not making too much money kept me working there for an additional 3 years. Weird!

Anyway, it’s served me well since then. I’d like something with a little more pixel power for the next camera, to be able to make super nice quality prints, but that means that Camera Morte needs to come back permanent-like, or the camera just needs to die altogether.

The images I choose to put online are re-sized and cropped, then, if need be, I pull a few Photoshop trix outta my graphic design cap and jpeg ’em up!

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