Augustus Gloop

Last day of August. All the things that happen this time of year have started happening. They actually started happening at the end of July. The weather turned cool — COOL! Felt like late September for much of this summer. Fantastique, or lame if you got a summer membership to the pool down the street and skipped the entire month of August. That was NOT COOL. Next year we may forgo the pool altogether since Mimi and Beenie go to a summer camp where they swim twice a day. By the time I picked them up in the afternoons, they could’ve care less about a big container of chlorinated water.

Sun diagram painting

Our summer was amazing in the following ways:

  • Mimi learned how to swim, then learned how to swim really well
  • Beenie got to be an even better swimmer
  • Both girls learned how to ride bikes!
  • Went to the beach for a week and collected tons of great rocks
  • Started re-watching Trailer Park Boys which really helps keep things in perspective
  • Worked on some art

The summer didn’t change the fact that husband and I still go to work every day. Strangely, I like my job, so for me it’s a bonus. I could work a few days less per week, but for the most part, I truly enjoy most of what I’m doing. Summer is not a special time. It’s just different. We have to pay extra money for summer camp, which sucks. But there is still a different amount of time and daylight to play with. Fall is workin’ time. Get the fuck back to work.

I swear, the girls’ school sent them home with homework THE FIRST DAY THEY GOT BACK FROM FIRST GRADE! Why isn’t it enough to learn stuff during the day? I don’t understand, I truly do not. And no amount of convincing will make me think it’s right for a 7 year old to be doing homework in the two and a half hours after school before bed. Nothing is being learned at this time of the evening.

In terms of art, some of the larger flower paintings got worked on this summer. And many new maps are in process. Once the girls have started up the Sunday school/church combo again Sunday mornings, I’ll have my quiet time back, and should be able to focus on finishing up some pieces. The next large project will be trying to figure out what to do with all the art once completed. That’s the part I struggle with, since it can take years before a real body of work is ready to be exposed to people other than me, it’ hard to keep up the art momentum. I’m not a great salesperson. I do need a new computer, though, which gives me some impetus to sell some stuff. Also to make room in my studio to make more art.

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  1. I don’t understand the homework, either. And I don’t tell the little to do it. Until in second grade he seemed to be struggling, and now I have him at least attempt while he’s eating breakfast. But that’s it. Oatmeal and a few word problems. But not worksheet nonsense. Sentence writing and math games, maybe.
    Oh, dear, the growing up. And the jobby-jobs that begin at age 5.

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