Hot mama’s day! Way after the fact!

Yeah. You know you want it. Well, here it is. May 2012. Get ready.

I wrote the following last Sunday, from Chincoteague Island, VA:

Happy middle aged Mother’s Day, yalls! I, for one, am relishing the fact that my aging body was able to accomplish some moderate bike riding today whilst carting around an almost 50 lb. 5.5 year-old up little hills, down little hills. Through mosquito obstacle courses.

No, I am not currently in my native Baltimore setting this weekend. We went with a friend down the street and her lovely family to Chincoteague Island, VA for the weekend. If you suffer the HUGE, BLOOD SUCKING mosquito regions, you are rewarded, as we were, by the cleanest, most civilized beach. Do you remember the Atlantic Ocean? Breathtaking. If I can ever figure out which cable connects to my camera, perhaps I can share some images from the past few days. Great shell collecting here, by the way. Baltimore is about four hours from the ocean, so it isn’t just a casual day trip to see such attractions.

Felt GREAT to ride a bike again. Let’s go ride bikes!

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