Left ear echoes echoes

The pollen explosion in Baltimore, combined with the off-gassing of multiple vinyl slabs leeching toxins into my work environment, has given my head quite a work-out! Needless to say I feel like proverbial poop and have opted out traveling to certain places for the day just to get rid of a brutal headache.

But enough about me. The girls are both dripping green snots out of their precious, perky little noses. They are now 5.5! Drawings are exquisitely detailed and strange. Lots of castles and filigree lettering. Vampire cats and moms, sisters and then more cats.

Once the head clears I shall share some of these lovely creations. Pray for me, pray for the sun goddess. Her reign will blast us burned and the sins of generations will float away into the air like cremains from a wayward urn. Do this in memory of me.


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