Hello valentine…


Painting depicting an old map symbol and land masses.

Been a while, fiends. Mid-February is already surfacing. The Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. is enjoying a mild winter, unless you’re a five-year-old, in which case you are cursing daily your sad lot of never enough snow to have a snow day or to build a snow cat.

Mimi and Beenie are extraordinary. Brains infused with reason and chaos, but wanting reason for default. They finish my thoughts now, which is good, because I no longer have a short-term memory. Just as well, because all I do during the week is work, and who wants to remember that?


There has been a bit of excitement on the art front… I actually finished something! Shocking, I know. A map. The detail appears above. I am currently mapping unknown lands and bodies of water. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover other things, too. Indigenous peoples and animules. But nothing is for certain. Only that the window has been cracked and my room of art is churning out things.


I am looking forward to the nonsense that will arise before this year’s presidential election. I started writing 20/20 four years ago this month, as things were getting cragee for the 2008 race. I don’t enjoy politics, or believe I have much say in any of it, but I do enjoy Rachel Maddow and listening to her rant and rave in such an educated and naturally smart way about the truly insane and unsavory characters in the ring this time around.

Okay– art, politics, what else? Writing? Photography? More on that later. I’m just glad to have this time with you and me right now.

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  1. Four years. Wow. 5 year olds. Wow. Maps. Yes. Art. Mmm-hmmm. Politics. Ugh.

    Happy VD, 20-20. Enjoy your spring and your girls and your digs and your studio and your 2012.

    We’ll wait patiently for the photography whatnot. It’s one of my favorite bits.

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