November, yesvember

Oh no! I just lost half a page of content. Maybe it’s my computer self-editing. I could use some of that editing for my mouth. That, or maybe I should stop talking.

Life is strange, don’t you think? I spent the last three days at a conference hosted by the content management system the agency I work for uses. A “user conference” if you will. How, in glob’s name did I end up here? Editing web pages. Sending out press releases. I vaguely remember being a creative person. No mas.

I can’t believe this month is almost over. And once November is gone, you might as well just say goodbye to the rest of the year. I guess now is as good a time as any to make my yearly holiday proclamation:


Yeah, that’s right. I’m not gonna be the bad guy. I worked hard to get that crap out of my system five years ago, after I had children. It isn’t gonna be me. Christmas is what it is, don’t make it something it isn’t. I am not going to ruin it for my five year old daughters, but I’m also not going to raise two brats who expect that every Christmas is going to be a gift bonanza and then be disappointed when they don’t get every single thing they wanted. Nope. Not me.

I just want to be able to get through the holidays without needing cocktails (because my ability to drink is extremely limited), not going broke, not feeling guilty or just bad about things. The children have plenty of toys, clothes, books, everything. Yes, I am aware that I used to be traumatized by the end of year holidays, but now they are fun because Mimi and Beenie are all about it, and I am happy to encourage and support their tinseley desires.

Take your issues and your bad hat and don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. I say this to myself first, then extend the exit-tation to whomever else threatens to make this a stressball December.

Image of an eye with a scar over it in the shape of a Y
Y didn't I turn on the light in my bedroom?


Have you ever been curious what would happen if you bashed your forehead on the corner of a sharpish, wooden dresser? Well, I can show you what something of that nature looks like…

This little doozey happened back in September. I survived. The current version of the Y scar has faded. I’ll share the updated one with you soon.


  1. ouch! that looks painful.

    once again, i recommend that the holidays be all about crafting. get those little paws working on a gift for their auntie mar or decorations for the house. don’t forget the making and eating of cookies. avoid stores, catalogs, and commercials at all costs. the holidays don’t HAVE to be about shopping, even in the good ole us of a. takes a bit of effort to avoid it, perhaps, but not impossible.

    also might be a good time to introduce the idea of charity. my sis used to have my niece go through her toys and books before christmas to find things to donate to charity.

    1. yes. i think crafty is key, kleio! the holidays certainly don’t have to be the stinky buy-fest they tend toward. that seems to have worked in the past. onward!

  2. That’s a freaking awesome scar. Sucky about the pain and blood and whatnot. Wounds not good. But character is, and you now have even more right up above your eye.

    We make gifts for family, we decorate, we make a big deal of Solstice. And we let the grandparents gift the heck out of those kids. All year we say, “you can put it on your holiday list” so they won’t ask for anything day-to-day. So it’s time to deliver. I’m okay with that.

    Yesvember. How has nobody ever said that before?

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