I heart you!

S’up, peoples? I’ve been washing my hands so much lately that the skin is cracking and peeling and bleeding and really fucking hurts. Isn’t that gross? I do it because I don’t want to be sick. I’m not entirely sure it does any good tho, because I do get sick, though this year has not been anywhere as bad as last year. The sickness is different. The digestive tract has been affected far more than upper respiratory. I’ve been hit worse than anyone in my family, projectile vomiting from some nasty bug two times in a month. I actually think something permanent happened as a result of this insane anti-digestive assault. My clothes are getting too big. I wonder if I have a tapeworm. Though, I think my clothes would have to be falling off of me if I had a real tapeworm, which they’re not. They are just especially comfy, which is nice. Who needs the gym when good old viruses keep a body svelte? Hand washing is for the birds!

There are more signs SPRING is on the way. I know, I know. Just fantastic. There are rumors 50 degree days are in Baltimore’s immediate future. I don’t know if I can handle it, but will try. I drove by the house we’ve got under contract this morning — don’t worry, it was still there. This little world of limbo is driving me crazy, but I’m still really glad we found something before the feeding frenzy that is the spring real estate market. Maybe our adorable, beautifully renovated row house will get caught up in all of that and we get a respectable price for it. It will be hard to leave our home of twelve years. But it will be easy to move into a new space with some SPACE! We are on top of each other all the time here. And can’t really have guests stay over because its so small and we have small children. This will all change in the “plastic palace”.

Time to go empty out a closet or something. Our real estate agent is coming over tomorrow a.m. to take pictures of our sweet brick home. Sniff.

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