Wolf Moon, 2010.

Really? Is it winter again in Baltimore? This is usually such a temperate climate. But for some reason this winter is especially cold and snowy. Which, frankly, I could do without. Anything that prevents me from going to the painting studio gets put on the shit list. Plus, from what I can tell, winter = scourge of all sorts. Every few weeks, without fail. Bullshit. Maybe Arizona would be a good state to move to next. New Mexico? I actually like Baltimore, tho. And my parents live near here. And they need their granddaughters, and the girls LOVE their grandparents. We’re staying put. Besides, who has money to move? Not me. Not us. Bleech.

I am at once inspired and completely without energy. How can that be? I’ve had a number of ‘occultish’ messages over the past few weeks from various sources. Astrology, Tarot, channeled dreams told to me by a person. Weird shit. All of the messages have been quite similar, also freaky. Apparently, my summer is gonna be OFF THE HOOK! Better start training now, now that I’m trapped in my igloo hibernation compound. This confinement is worse for the girls than for me. They actually require quite a bit of physical exertion, unlike me, who has all too easily settled into a completely sloth-like existence. As a result, they have covered their weird, oversized stuffed horse in blankets, put him on a large pillow, listened to his ‘heart beeps’ with their stethoscopes, and packaged all of their puzzle pieces in brown paper lunch bags. You gotta do something whilst trapped in the house on a freezing cold day, right? The best thing, the coolest thing that happened today, was ROCKING OUT in the basement with the ladies, both singing into microphones, while I played along on my bass. I can’t even tell you how mind-blowingly great it was. They sang at the same time, but complementing one another perfectly, blending Beenie’s constant Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer abstract nod with Mimi’s Mama Sez-type rap, both naturally falling into what was a serious performance. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by this song, actually. Children are so naturally good at so much, it kinda breaks my heart how much we are forced to let fall away once shame comes into play. I must capture this perfection before they realize how brilliant they are. Next time, I’m bringing a recording device.


  1. Not so bad. Rocking out in the basement sounds fun! As for Arizona, just got to get grandma and grandpa to move there. And your Baltimore house would probably buy two here.

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