When are we gonna have a party?

Have been 24hour party people style mother servant the past week and a half. Various infections, viruses, fevers… sheesh! they got sick the minute they started preschool! I know I should’ve expected it, but still, the reality of being on call 24 hours a day for the ill FOR FREE isn’t an easy pill to swallow. Luckily, my darlings’ immune systems, now back in fighting form, function as they should and fevers have broken and infections wane. But really, when they are both sick, nothing else can be done but try to get them better without getting sick myself. I’d like to give a shout-out to the aid of Airborne, Zycam and Echinacea, Goldenseal and 12-year-old whiskey in keeping my alleged health thus far into the fall. Don’t let me down, y’alls! I needs you now more than ever.

What? What is going on? Well, I just listed in detail all I’ve done the past ten days in the above paragraph. I guess I’ve also started working on another book. Not CameraMorte, though it does deserve at least another ten books, but something different. A book for children. More on this when I get further than one drawing. Think of it as something on the horizon. Like everything else. I have an idea for a new series of paintings. Smallish, square pieces on wood panels. Lunar. Possibly in casein or old school egg tempera, or gouache. Matte. Unless that looks like ass, in which case I should just do oils. But I have a feeling these particular pieces need to be water-based. I can work on these in my basement, unlike oil paintings. Maybe I can acquire some panels this afternoon when my mom gets here to hang with the ladies.

I may have some freelance web work coming up, which would be great for my brain and wallet, both of which have felt empty and HUNGRY of late. I need some money. I’m pretty sure I am the only person who has ever needed this.

The girls are grown up practically. Beenie, unusually tall for her age, appears to be a four or five-year-old and acts it. Three suits her, tho. Focused, exact, highly observant with a memory that does not quit, this child seems ready to go to high school. But preschool, three mornings per week is what she’s getting. Mimi, now that her four day fever has finally broken, is back to her regular super funny high energy self, unlike the almost coma-like boiling feverish three hour naps and nighttime, then, once medicine was ingested, the complete, disturbing opposite manic maniacal maniac that took over her body this past weekend. Though, she did continually ask about where the party was, when was it starting, etc. I feel as if this was a harbinger of the future.

Their third birthday, this past September 25th, was quiet, spent with my parents and sister, the girls, and my husband’s parents at the house, eating really good cupcakes made by Granny and Miss (aunt) Lizzy then eating Thai food. And opening pressies, of course! Happy third, ladies. You rule.

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