Good God. I didn’t leave town or die (I don’t think). I’ve been dabbling in “real-world” scenarios such as potty training/learning and obtaining gainful employment. Both have gone swimmingly. Almost had my dream job. Or, at least a job I am highly qualified for, despite the puddingification of my brain over the past three years. If only I was willing to put the ladies in full-time daycare this September, it could, perhaps, have all been mine. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Then there’s the elimination. This past weekend was devoted to harassing both ladies every five minutes to see if they had to pee or poo. They did. They do. Do. Work in progress. Both girls have surpassed my highest expectations, and despite the occasional setback, they are more or less ready to go out into the world.

I’m ready to go to a retreat somewhere, maybe New Mexico. Hot tubs under the stars.


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