MILF’s, DILF’s, and everybody else.

Our snowman looks more like a snow bird.
Our snowman looks more like a snow bird.

I’m not actually going to write about MILF’s and DILF’s. I just want to feel the power of astronomical blog stats that only those two words can generate. I’m in it for the cheap thrill. It is all I have these days.

I cannot believe what happened this morning really happened. It does not seem possible. I am so happy to have young children right now, because they won’t remember the scary George W. Bush’s presidency. All they will have as a form of reference is President Obama, his smart and ass-kicking wife Michelle (btw, Michelle, what up with no calls? I invited you and the fam to a tea party after the speech in Balmer, and am still waiting to find out what part-time position you have chosen for me. Call me!), his two, cute daughters, totally friend material for Mimi and Beenie, and of course, Granny, who will keep the White House in order. That’s it. That will be the status quo. I can’t help but think my daughters brought this good luck on the nation somehow. I’m probably wrong. The sun is shining on the Mid-Atlantic region today. And everywhere.

This morning, in the inch and a half of snow from yesterday, Beenie, Mimi and I trapsed outside in our winter regalia to attempt construction of a snowman, as per Beenie’s request. The snow proved a bit powdery for our assignment, but we managed to get a “baby-sized” snowman from our efforts. Rosemary hair, classic orange carrot nose, teenie little rocks for eyes. Not bad for a first snowman. Mimi does not tolerate cold well, so I got her inside after 15 minutes or so, but Beenie wanted to hang out in the snow and sunshine a bit longer, and requested mittens, which she has always refused in the past. I got Mimi in a chair at the kitchen table, eating toast with jam, and Beenie’s paws were wrapped in purple stripes, and all was well.


  1. you’re an evil genius. what’s the d in dilf? dads? divorcees? drogans?

    an amazing day for all of us. i think i have inauguration burnout as i been watching tv a-l-l d-a-y….wow!

    love the snowman. a real developmental milestone.

  2. If you want to drive blog hits, drop the apostrophes. Not because people won’t type them in, but because you’ll get a better class of freaks who prefer the classic, OED spelling of MILFs and DILFs. (See how I just incread your stats by repeating the key tag? I find that just adding Palin to the tags drives lovely numbers onto the dashboard. But I have issues with having her name by my posts. See your own above post on how the sun now shines on the U S of A.)

    Nice snowdude. Don’t let camera morte near it.

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