Shark Attack #… uh, I dunno. One million?

How am I supposed to resolve the horror I feel when my Beenie bites my Mimi? There were a few glorious months where Mimi was bite-free. Everything seemed rosy. Then this morning I was rudely jostled out of bed by a terrible howl from my sweet Mimi. Tears, a deep GASH on her arm, Beenie stayed in bed for unlimited time-out until I did not think I would strangle her. She deserved some kind of physical retaliation to this awful act toward her sister. I want to weep. Neosporin and a Band-Aid (product placement, anyone?), a long sleeved shirt helped a bit to protect the wound. In another time, another mother, another schmunuther…that little girl would have earned herself quite a whipping. I need to keep perspective here. I don’t want Mimi to end up th eternal victim, and I do not want Beenie to end up the bad kid, who hurts her sister. But she does… she does! WHY?! She is so smart, so verbal and funny. And also the other stuff. The rotten stuff. We are all both. I’m really struggling with this today.

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