Thank you

Again, one of my daughters has a cold. Nothing serious, just seriously exhausting for all of us. One is sick, then it is possible for the other one to get sick easily, and when the sick one is coughing and sneezing into my eyes and on my hands, no amount of hand washing will keep me, too, from infection. It hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t, but there are many bad precedents. No matter. As I was explaining to the other adult in my house at three this morning, when Beenie was wailing in misery, THIS IS A PART OF IT ALL. I feel a little bit sorrier for myself and the sick kid than I do you. Go put a pillow over your head and go back to sleep, because you can. I doubt I was that eloquent.


Enough with the late night/early morning discussions. They are never clear. Just frantic and exhausted. Everyone is tired. I don’t even want to complain about it. I should really be sleeping right now. But here I sit, stupid, writing things about my personal life for the world to see. All five of you.

Recently I had an inspirational chat with a woman I was friends with when I lived in Chicago, back in the early-mid 1990’s. We have hooked up via phone and email a bit over the past years, and now that she joined the ubiquitous Fartbook, we have still another connection. She is a great arteest (JL, look her up, give her grant money), a mother and generally large thinker. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she’s also an ass-kicker. In a good way, in the way everyone needs their arse kicked once in a while and she’s just the lady to do it. She has a way of lifting my sometimes tunnel-visioned view of my own artwork (and my own life, for that matter) out of the tunnel, putting it on a space station looking down at the big blue marble we call home. Thanks, Janet!

While I am mentioning great artists that continually give me support and inspiration, I might as well give shout-outs to a number of other excellent, brilliant humans. Like Damon Locks, and Alix Lambert, both who I met while in a high-school magnet art program, both who I was in college/art school with, both who have incredible takes on what creativity and art and vision are. Both who provide me with endless encouragement and love. And Peter Quinn and Jerry Lim, both with whom I have collaborated on projects in the past involving moving image, who are each amazing artists and musicians. There are more people who inspire me, but time is short, especially when my right eye begins to twitch from a lack of sleep.

I am grateful for my home and family and things that keep me sane and warm. Thanks universe.

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