Am I an Ameri-can, or an Ameri-can’t?

Today I am turning a new leaf, as they say. Total cliche, I know, but it is a descriptive cliche, hence the usage. I am tired of my own whining. I know, it is hard to imagine. I’m completely bored with myself the way I am right now. In every way. I cannot escape myself, and unless I make some changes, I will remain as utterly annoying as I am this very second. There have been two comments recently re: my artwork that have been so unabashedly positive and supportive, I’m going to try to use the energy those kind souls used to fuel my own outlook on things. What do I really have to complain about? Roof over my head, healthy, if obnoxious, children, husband who is still here. What the fuck do I want, anyway? Other than artistic fulfillment. But you know, plenty of people in way worse situations than mine manage to produce important artworks, so I can just shut it. My house is a pigsty, every person living here is hacking up a lung, the cats are begging for attention and food, my right ear is stuffed up and I have less than no time to myself. SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE TO ME! Bring it on!

After I blow my nose, I will begin work again, finally, on the CameraMorte photo book. Then I will work out a guaranteed financial solution for the Obama Administration, as well as work out the kinks in some of his choices for the transition team. Compensation? Don’t you worry, Barack. It’s on me. I got nothing but time and brain power. Will have specs to you by EOD. Think of it as an early Xmas pressie.

Give thanks!

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