Already it Starts

Two things.

1.) Beenie is going through a real rotten streak, and her little sister Mimi watches, learns and indulges in this horror as well. They both refuse to sit at the kitchen table. They were sitting in proper high-chairs, locked into safety until two weeks ago, when Beenie decided it was ridiculous to sit down to eat (does she watch me snacking as I’m trying to prepare them little treats all day???). Then Mimi followed suit. Hubby dismantled the high-chairs last night, converting them to booster seats, in hopes sitting at the actual kitchen table would sway their bad, bad ways. For Mimi, perhaps. She is driven by food and how much she can shovel down her cute little gullet. Beenie? Not so much. She appears to be focused on how she still must stand in her now booster seat. I ask nicely to sit… nope. I state sternly to sit… no way. Then I remove her from the kitchen table to go play with the wild things outside the kitchen gate and she throws a fit. It is proving to be a long summer.

2.) Which brings me to the next item on the agenda: summer. Or rather, the eventual demise thereof. I really do detest these grueling hot months. The good features are, fresh, local veggies and the ability to go outside to play and take walks, though that doesn’t happen when it is too hot. Which it has been lately. I did manage to get to the zoo with the ladies this morning after evil kitchen table tricks, which was great and not too sweltering. Have you noticed? The light is changing. It started about two or three weeks ago (right around the time Beenie became a stubborn little mule about standing and eating). The sun is setting a little bit earlier each day and the color of the light has become a smidgen cooler. Take a look later this afternoon. You’ll see what I mean. The end is near. In a good way.

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