I think I just heard it outside. The girls are napping, which I say with happiness,  since they spent almost a month not really napping. A well rested child is a reasonable child. No nap = misery for all. I guess I could say the same for everyone. But grown ups know they are tired and can supplement their exhaustion with a variety of stimulants. Little kids don’t know what’s happening, all they know is that nothing seems right or good. And they howl.
Thunder on another gray day in Baltimore. I don’t hate gray days. Quite the contrary. If I was home or at a job, with no children, just tooling around, working on my own creative endeavors then I would be perfectly content to stay inside. But the ladies like to run around. And it’s not such a good idea when it’s chilly and raining out there. I have not left the house yet today, but can tell what it is. Gray. Grey. Which is it? I can never tell.

There are a few cool possibilities on the horizon in terms of possible freelance work and art projects. If any come through I’ll be sure to let you, whoever you are, know all about it. In the meantime, tho, here I am, and here we are, in our Baltimore row house. I’ll post a CM photo so it seems like there is excitement in our house, and on that tip, there are a few new photos on the Camera Morte page. I can’t remember if I told you this already.

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