Oh, How Not Clever I Am!

Dang! I just discovered another 20 Fingers, 20 Toes blog (specifically, 20 Fingers & 20 Toes) on Blogspot. Oh well, I guess I should have done a little research eh? Whatever. There’s room enough for the both of us I think. Good thing I didn’t try to publish a book with that title, because I also discovered there is a book and a play, both with the same name. My tips for parents of twinsies will have to be called something else, I guess. Maybe,”I Need a Drink.” Oh wait, I know there is already a song with that title. Dagnabit.

Today is cold and dark in the house and warmish and sunny outside. After the egg lunch we shall venture out into the solar baked expanse.

I need to make some money. Maybe I’ll have some kind of epiphany on our afternoon stroll.


  1. The success of any book hinges on the fact that it hasn’t been named before it’s been written. It’s an organic process and can’t be jinxed!

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