And what do you do with this leftover goo?…

A lovely Memorial Day display of garbage floating in the water at Fells Point.

Really. How can the earth possibly continue to be habitable when the oceans are gunked up in muckity-muck-muck? Are my little daughters going to be able to enjoy any coastline on the North American continent, east side, y’alls, as adults? Will there even be beaches anymore? I’m having a hard time with this disgusting reality at the moment, but not as bad a time as the fish, birds, sea creatures and every living thing that happens to be coated in goo you-know-where. This is how its going to end, isn’t it?

I just spent the last two hours reviewing the vast WordPress themes for my sister’s new website venture. PMS CMS, y’alls. Get ready!

Why am I noticing men looking at my boobs and ass recently? I don’t know that my boobs and ass are on display more than usual or if they appear differently than how I think they do.  Is it hot mom syndrome? Once you’ve ejected humans from your body all bets are off? WTF? Maybe I’m aware of this strange phenomenon now that I no longer give a rat’s ass what men think of me. Oh if only I’d had this power as a younger woman… I would have definitely used it for evil rather than good. Damned hot hindsight!

World disaster to tits and ass in three steps. Thanks alot, folks. I’ll be here all week.

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