I invented post-its

No, I didn’t. But for some reason that line from Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion popped into my head, and as with other things that pop into my head, I put it down. In a blog. This one, right here.

I have 1/2 hour before I need to leave to collect the girls from school.

Now I have fifteen minutes.

Things I can do in 15 minutes:

  • make another cup of coffee
  • shower
  • check email AGAIN
  • panic about employment
  • do laundry
  • empty dishwasher

I think, instead, I’ll eat another piece of delicious pumpkin pie that I made last night. The girls didn’t reject it this time, since I cut back on the nutmeg. The last pie I made, which was targeted to help get them out of bed in the morning, which I handmade the crust for, was rejected because of too much nutmeg. I had to give half the pie away to a good friend or eat it in its entirety. Which would have been too much. I usually get the girls to eat more than half of the pies I make. We like pie for brekky. Yum.

Bought five lottery tickets this morning after chatting with my sis on the phone. She said the MegaMillions was up to $72 million, so I figured I’d better get up on that. Since spending morning after morning searching through possible job leads is getting me nowhere tangible. Might as well play the lottery.

1 Comment

  1. Pie and lottery….mmmm.
    Mine digs the nutmeg. And cumin, in savory dishes. [shrug] Who knew?
    Pumpkin pie for the am breaking of fasts is a damned fine idea. Veggie, eggs…complex and simple carbs, fat, fiber, protein, and vitamins. Add some nuts and you have a complete meal, yo. Does almond meal (or other ground nut meal) work in the custard-izing of pumpkin? I might have to try that. Dollop of pecan butter or something…

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