Daily Manias, Poo Avalanches

trees.jpgThings can go from absolute shite to pretty darned good, don’t you think? One little piece of good news can make a whole day seem doable. Conversely, one stupid bit of bad news can really screw things up. I’m wondering if human existence is actually just a big ol’ bipolar ride, going from one extreme to the next, occasionally coasting on an even keel. I’m not just speaking from my own particular psychological bend — I actually consider myself to be fairly mild-mannered, someone not cursed by overwhelming depression (with the exception of recent darkness, but that was temporary as it always is) or crazed mania. The Earth is bipolar, why shouldn’t the beings who live on it be bipolar, too? Why shouldn’t we all be entirely affected by this huge, daily galaxular shift of magnetic and atomspheric pulls? I know galaxular is not a word, but maybe it should be. Our perception of reality is skewed by the petit capsules of information we subject ourselves to and are subjected to every day. It is a wonder we haven’t all murdered and then eaten one another in a massive Donner Party wig flip.

I wonder if the girls will sleep past 3 o’clock. Yesterday and today they’ve actually had decent naps. I think I thwarted Beenie’s potential nap denial today by capturing her poop diaper BEFORE she settled into her crib for the early afternoon. Usually she waits until I’ve gone downstairs and a half-hour or hour has passed before she poops. Today the poop came quickly after the bottle. I knew I had her when her face turned red and she hid behind Mimi’s crib. Caught! Maybe the human race will simultaneously drown in a hideous poo avalanche produced by the wild overpopulation of the planet. Serves us right.

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  1. Obviously attracted to the title of poo avalanche, I can’t help but to point out this gem, “It is a wonder we haven’t all murdered and then eaten one another in a massive Donner Party wig flip.” -beautiful

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