Today is Challenging

medicine.jpgI want to get this down while I’m in the midst of a difficult day with the girls. It’s not entirely them, either. Part of it is I took what will be my last teaspoon of my special cough medicine last night. In a way it was good that I did, because when I slept, I was sleeping HARD. The part of the decision that I’m suffering for now is the residual effect of the narcotic in the cough syrup. It’s a good indicator that your cold is over when you feel like you are recovering from the cough medicine you took last night instead of what ailed you. My cold is gone. I don’t need my special medicine anymore. Goodbye until the next miserable illness. I know I already bade the sweet elixir adieu, but apparently I wasn’t really done then. I’m done now.

Other things that are challenging about today are:

  1. Mimi is teething and miserable.
  2. Beenie has pooped three times and the last one left her with a nasty little diaper rash.
  3. Neither of them took a nap.

The combination of these three unfortunate elements is making today hard for us all.


So, yesterday was so shitty that I didn’t even get to upload the above post. And it continued on its shitty course all day, getting whiny-er and whiny-er until bedtime around 7 p.m., then was still shitty at 9 p.m. when Beenie decided she needed to find out what her dada and I were doing downstairs, which was trying to eat our dinners and have some peace. I brought her down to see what was up, gave her a bite of my dinner, got her a little cup of water, took her upstairs. Then she woke up AGAIN at 1 a.m. this morning, crying crying. God help me. Made two bottles, woke up Mimi and they both had a bottle. Then Mimi woke up at 6 a.m. and I got two more hours out of them from some mini bottles. A fucking marathon, yesterday.

I put them down for their naps today about an hour ago and I still hear Beenie chattering to herself. I am trying to ignore it and focus on non-child centric thoughts.

By the way, the use of “A” and “B” in reference to my daughters is proving a little bit cold as far as writing about them. I have decided to give them fictitious names that sound kind of like their real nick-names. A is now Beenie. Beenie was born first, six minutes later Mimi, once “B”, arrived. They are my favorite people in the world and deserve names rather than letters.

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