Blue Light, Yellow Light

A appears to have caught some elements of the nasty week-long scourge I’m just now getting over. I hear little hacks pop out of the monitor every few hours. Her drippy nose and coughs woke her up around 10pm last night so she had to come down to watch a little TV with me and her pops. The world was decomposing right before our eyes! What things will look like once the damned dirty humans are gone was on the History channel. She was pleased to see what the mysterious coasters that are out on the coffee table every few mornings (the coasters that she and her sister are not allowed to play with because they have sharpish edges, perfect for skull operations…) are used for. Gave her a bottle top, which looks like a mini cup, with some water in it. She sipped at it, and immediately put it down on a coaster. A place for everything, everything in its place. She’s the baby/toddler who used to get mad when food was not placed in a bowl on her hi-chair tray. Picky pants.

I leave a light on in their room at beddy bye time, so they can see what is going on and what is not going on. They are obsessed with it. B finishes her bottle* and immediately jumps up to go screw around with the light. She laughs and holds it, shakes it till the bulb momentarily goes out, sucks on the edge of the lampshade and laughs as I tell her to leave the light alone. Then she gets put into her crib. A does the same thing, also sometimes putting her empty bottle at the top of the lampshade so she can see it glow green from the light beneath. Then she gets put into her crib.

The discussion this morning has been lights, as it so often is. The light that goes on at night casts a yellowish glow. Yellow light.

Last night there was an introduction of a new light. The cute little vaporizer we brought into the room for A’s cough has a blue light that causes the fine mist shooting out of the top to glow heavenly blue. A needed to run her hand through the cool blue mist. B also needed to do this. I think they like the new machine.

*Yeah, they still enjoy bottles, and yeah they’re 17 months. But only at naptime and nighty night time. I don’t think its such a big freaking deal. They love them, I love them. Why would we take something that everyone loves out of our lives?

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