Old skool

Today’s post is total old skool stylee. Home at 3:48 in the afternoon, fixin’ to leave in ten minutes to … More

What up, August 14th?

I can’t say for sure until I do some research in the 20/20 archives, but I don’t think I have … More

Don’t judge me

I don’t actually think you are judging me, by the way. That was just the first thing that came into … More

Quick, descriptive

still here. contract on house. moving in april. must sell our house. clean and fix up this house. working new … More


Friday I completed the first week of my new job. Full time. Me. In a basement somewhere in Baltimore County, … More

September song

Hello, almost autumn. You’re cool enough to be autumn, anyway. Soon enough. Soon enough, I say… no rush back to … More