Oh, hey!

Lookee here… it’s October! I find myself a single mother for four days while hubbo is out of town on bitness. Mimi and Beenie and I hit the cheap, plastickey solvent-smelling shoe store on the way home from work/school this afternoon. Beenie keeps growing out of her shoes. I swear I got her a pair of huge shoes last month that are now scraping the skin off her precious pinkie toes. So I got her a size too big this time, SIZE ONE. Sweet baby J! Thems some big bear claws. So nice, they are. They balance her graceful and stellar ascent toward six foot-dom. I’d like to be the first person to acknowledge, on this blog, that my daughter Beenie will be taller than me.

My FIVE YEAR OLD daughters (they crossed from four to five September 25th) have been playing together lots lately. Not requiring too much involvement unless mealtime approaches, when they become wild animals and do mean, girlish things to one another, like bite and scratch. Steal blankets and stuffed animals, fight over princess ballerina fairy dress-ups. Astounding, actually. An hour, hour and-a-half, relatively low volume play with no input from me. This is life-changing. Makes me want to write some novels and screenplays. Create a body of artwork and do something with it. If only dinner didn’t need to get made, crumbs swept, pies baked, children bathed, read-to, then tucked in. Soon. Once I stop doing house chores, everything will be possible.

Stephen Colbert is on. I NEVER get to stay up this late!



  1. Lucky, lucky dawg. Play together? Ah, 20-20, I want me some of that. I’m so glad you’ve gotten it. Finally. And that they have it. Finally.

    For the record, when I’m hungry I do mean girly things like bite and scratch, too.

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