employee of the week

I believe I may have acquired a job. Yes, that’s right. It only took four months of looking non-stop, going to non-stop interviews, having people get back to me after so long I could barely remember I’d applied in the first place. But now, after passing yet another physical/drug test, I will be a bona-fide employee, of the state, no less! Woah. I mean, woah! The office, also located in the neighborhood my husband and I are looking to move to for free public schools. What has happened? Why don’t I have the thousand pounds of stress on my chest that I’ve had for, like, three years?

Happy, merry, mf Xmas, yo. And all of the rest. My mom asked Mimi last week what we celebrate for Christmas, and her answer was “Hanukkah”. She and Beenie sing Kwanza is Here and Hanukkah Latkes along with a thousand Christmas songs every day. Winter is finally here, which means the days will now start getting longer. I’m turning 43 next week. The cats get fatter and fatter. January 10 I’ll be going to the basement of an old government building to start my first full-time job in over four years. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.


  1. I think that all sounds pretty delightful! Perhaps the stars are aligning and soon your commute will be oh-so-short from new home to new job.

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